About us

Get CulturedWith great power, comes great responsibility…

Imagine a world with happy bellies; where everyone has a strong digestive system and food comes in and goes out the way the lord intended… MO’s Superfoods thrives to help you eat better and poo better too! In order to do so we thrive to create tasty health supportive and sustainable food products within the fermented food space. 

Why fermented foods? Genetically speaking, we are approximately 10 parts microbe… and 1 part human. By adding more good bacteria through probiotics and fermented foods to our diet we are embracing the microbes in our body and resolving all of life’s microscopic problems!

MO, the culture vulture - Founder of MO’s Superfoods Chef Moina Oberoi had been struggling with muscle inflammation for over a decade. Within weeks of incorporating kefir and other fermented foods to her lifestyle she was pain free and full of energy for the first time in years. It was like the kryptonite was taken away and she got her superpowers again! Henceforth she began her obsessive journey with fermented foods, gut health and the value of probiotics.